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Bendable Headbands and Bracelets Designed for Total Comfort

Create Your Own Styles

Handmade 100%

Beautiful and quality made! Look stylish in your birthstone headband. Comes with 12 custom designs: lightweight and easy to wear.

Comfortable All Day

Bend to tie your headband in any style you can imagine. These bands stand out with gorgeous crystal beading and birthstones, and of course you can always wear them as regular headbands - pain free all day due to their unique design.

Convenient Storage

To keep them in good shape, coil the headband in a circle when you want to put it away. Avoid any areas that receive direct sunlight, as too much sun on your headband could fade its material over time.

Fits Any Hair Style

Everyone has different size of head and style of hair. We kept that in mind when designing these headbands to be adjustable, so you can tie them to the fit that's perfect for your head. One size fits all.

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